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V - basics - ebook / pdf -

V - basics - ebook / pdf -

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One basic V - neck - design for 11 different yarn types and 14 sizes.

Don‘t be afraid of V-necks. Following our v - basics pattern you will knit a classic sweater, fitting perfectly, with straight shoulders and a reallygood-looking neckline.

A classic V - neck sweater with [k1tbl, p1] ribbing for hem, neckband and cuffs.

The sweater is knit seamlessly form the top down. First the stitches for the back neckline and the shoulders are cast on. Then the shoulder increases are worked, using the contiguous method according to Susie Myers.

Increases for the neckline are worked in every second row. At the same time, the body stitches are increased.

After dividing the sleeve stitches from the body, the lower part is knit. If you feel like working A-line increases, please find our additionalinstructions within the pattern.

Since you start from the top, the sweater can be tried on at any time, after the sleeve divide. In this way, width and length can be adjusted.

At the same time, the design offers a platform for playing with different materials. Any yarn from wool, silk, cotton or even linen, will paint a unique character.

The design is suitable for cozy winter sweaters, as well as summer tops. We have added instructions for short sleeves.

We have listed our yarn ideas upon the information on the stitch sam- ples. You can find the right quality for every variant there.

A classic design, which is surprisingly easy to use as a basic for your own ideas.


Chest width of the finished sweater.

1: 87 cm / 2: 91 cm / 3: 96 cm / 4: 101 cm / 5: 106 cm / 6: 113 cm / 7: 116 cm

8: 123 cm / 9: 128 cm / 10: 132 cm / 11: 137 cm / 12: 142 cm / 13: 147 cm / 14: 152 cm

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